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It can be frustrating trying to find a person or a service that is the “right fit”. 

Most of us have a yarn or two  about a service or specialist that was just not a match for our needs. There are a lot of reasons why it might not have “clicked” from personality to approach to something more. What it does, though, is make it obvious when you find someone who does get you and your needs.

One of the reasons we exist is that our founder saw the need for Support Coordination and Plan Management services that were culturally appropriate to our mob. When people have access to services and supports that meet their needs, they’re more likely to achieve their goals and have better outcomes. 

Our approach is person-centred, which means we encourage you to share who you are, what you need and what you want to achieve. We match you the team member we think best matches your needs, then work with you to find services and supports that help make that happen. What this looks like for our clients varies depending on them, their situation and their needs. 

There are many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability who are still not accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or using their Plans fully. We want to help change that by offering services that are culturally appropriate and meet our communities’ needs. 

The NDIS was designed to give people more choice and control. Why not get in touch to see if working with our team is the right fit for you? 

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