Hands being held with one placed on top in show of comfort.
Did you know our Support Coordinators can help connect you to cultural programs and community groups?

The role of our Support Coordinators is about helping you build the skills you need to understand, implement and use your Plan. Part of this is about finding the mix of supports that helps you achieve your goals and get the support you need. 

Our Support Coordinators get to know you and understand your needs, goals and preferences. While the mix of supports will usually include things like allied health or support workers, it can also include building your connections to community. For example, in addition to therapies and services, there might be a class or cultural program that meets your goal for community participation.  


What this looks likes depends on you and your needs. It’s your NDIS Plan, but our team can help you put it into action.


Be your deadliest self and have a yarn with one of our team today! 


Here is a short video from the NDIS which explains more about Support Coordination.

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